GIS & Environmental Management Technologies (GEM Technologies) is a GIS & environmental consulting company that can deliver the “goods” for you.

Woman-Owned Small Business

GEM Technologies will integrate GIS technologies into your projects to provide you with a solution that is both cost-effective and intelligent.

Tailored Solutions
GEM Technologies has years of experience in environmental and geologic consulting and GIS technologies. This mix will ensure you receive high quality service and products that will be tailored to your specific requirements.

Integrated Solutions
GIS Development and Mapping – Environmental Consulting – Geological Consulting – Spatial Analysis – Database Management – Time-Dependent Data Analysis – GEM Technologies can put the pieces together in a quality package that will meet all your expectations – and more.

Diverse Applications
Environmental consulting, intelligent surface and subsurface mapping, planning and zoning, geologic interpretation, 3D modeling and design, multivariate analysis, production of publication-ready maps and graphics, image analysis, integration of vector and raster design, watershed analysis, contouring, earthwork design, transportation, urban development, public presentations,

Integrate GIS into your project and increase productivity
GEM Technologies can take your tables, graphs, spreadsheets, reports, and hardcopy output, and link them all together in a seamless GIS that is populated with the attributes you need – attributes that will provide the timely answers required to solve your most difficult questions.

Put the power of a GIS behind your project – let GEM Technologies show you how efficiency can be built into your design from the ground floor up.

Turn your data into layers that can be queried, modified, and displayed in hundreds of graphical formats. Pick from hundreds of real-life graphical symbols to populate your maps – things your clients and customers will easily recognize.

A picture can say a thousand words – a picture with the power of a database behind it can say a million words.

If you haven’t heard about a GIS before, or if you don’t know how a GIS can assist you with achieving superior results on your project – give GEM technologies a call and find out how we can help you achieve success.

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